In the laboratories of Micro- and Nanofluidics (MSU) and Physical Chemistry of Modified Surfaces (IPCE RAS) we are permanently recruting new PhD and Masters (Diploma) students. Applicants for a PhD position should have a very good Masters degree or Diploma in Chemistry, Physics, or similar areas (for example: Material Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Biophysics, Applied Mathematics). Knowledge of soft matter physics or physical chemistry is advantageous but not always required.

      Currently we are looking for PhD and Masters students with inclination towards theory and simulations. However, experimentalists with a strong sense for theoretical questions and interdisciplinary research are encouraged to apply.

      Our research areas comprise different fields of soft condensed matter. Before applying please have a look at the potential projects.

    Jobs and PhD projects:

      Applications for job and PhD should include the full set of usual documents:
      - letter of motivation with your future goals, including a brief explanation of your qualification and interest in this field;
      - curriculum vitae and publication list;
      - relevant certificates (Diploma, copies of examination records, etc),

    and should be sent to Prof. Olga I. Vinogradova, oivinograd@yahoo.com.

    A list of Diploma projects which are momentary suggested in our group:
  •  Hydrodynamic flows near one-dimensional superhydrophobic textures. (PDF)

  •  Computer simulation of electromechanical properties of polyelectrolyte micro- and nanocapsules. (PDF)

  •  Computer simulations of micro- and nanogels. (PDF)

  •  Computer simulations of mechanical properties of polymer networks. (PDF)