Our group does basic research in transport phenomena, fluid dynamics, wetting, colloidal interactions, and electrochemistry motivated by problems in modern micro- and nanofluidics, materials science, energy, biophysics, and more. Current research projects are mostly in four general areas: micro- and nanofluidics, polymer materials science, colloidal interactions in complex systems, and electrochemical systems.

    1. Micro- and nanofluidics
  • hydrophobic and superhydrophobic slippage
  • electrokinetics and other interfacial transport phenomena
  • reverse osmosis

  • 2. Polymer materials science
  • micro- and nanogels by microfluidic emulsification
  • mechanical and adhesion properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer microcapsules

  • 3. Colloidal interactions in complex systems
  • electrostatic interactions with patterned surfaces
  • electrostatic interactions with semipermeable membranes

  • 4. Electrochemical systems
  • transport phenomena in microfluidic fuel cells
  • electrochemical capacitors

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